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Rain Barrels offer a number of benefits:

  • You could potentially be the only one in the neighborhood with a green lawn, or a healthy garden, during droughts and water bans.

  • Rain water is healthy and natural for your plants. Your plants will love it.

  • Help the environment - conserve water.

  • Save Money on Water Bills

Table of Contents:

Here is the information, and topics, that we have found to be helpful, or interesting:

(Scroll down the page to find Videos and even more information on all of these topics).

  1. Decorative Barrels

  2. Do-it-Yourself, (DIY)

  3. Collapsible

  4. Gutter Down Spout Diverters

  5. Barrel Connector Kits

  6. Water Pumps

  7. Underground Barrels

  8. Rain Chains

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1. Decorative Barrels:

If you are looking for a quick addition, easy to install barrel, than Decorative Barrels are a good place to start.

They come in all kinds of styles, designs, and colors, allowing them to blend into any landscape, or stand along side any house without being an eye sore.

Looking for more Decorative Water Catcher?:

For More on Decorative Rain Barrels

Cascata Barrels with Customer Reviews

Here are some ads from Google on Barrels:

2. DIY or Do-It-Yourself Rain Barrels:

Do It Yourself, one can be made using any type of container that is leak free and can hold water.

Choosing the right Barrel:

It`s best to buy a brand new plastic barrel - these can usually be found at a local feed store or Co-op fairly inexpensively.

This link shows pricing on 55 Gallon Food Grade DIY Water storage Barrels, in comparison to a ready to pre-fab kits. #2, 5, and 9 are all water storage barrels that can be converted:

Food Grade Water Barrels for Comparison

If you want to go even cheaper, any type of barrel that was used to transport food or food ingredients can be used.

Check out any local food manufacturers. Have a look around you could be surprised.

Here is a Video from HGTV showing how they have made one using a Food Grade Barrel:

More to Come on DIY Water collection projects.......:

We are currently putting together an information page on DIY Barrels, so be sure to check back soon.


Hook one up to any Drip Irrigation System for, no hassle, automatic watering.


3. Collapsible / Portable:

Portable or Collapsible Barrels are convenient as they are easy to move around, and can be stored in the winter time if needed.

Portable Water Barrels

Portable Water Barrels are handy to have around. If you were going away, you could quickly fill the barrel and set up a drip irrigation while you are away.

Here is a video of a Portable set-up:

Portable Water Barrels

4. Gutter Down Spout Diverters:

These are a must have for anyone that already does or is looking to harvest Rain Water.

Rain Barrels are filled by a Gutter Down Spout coming from any roofs gutters. A Diverter is easily attached to any of these down spouts.

Rainreserve Basic Rain Diverter

The great thing about a diverter is that it will automatically fill any barrel, or container for that matter, and when that container is full the diverter automatically re-directs the water to continue through the Down spout.

They keep debris out of your water, and basically work as an automatic shut off switch when your barrel is full.

Diverters are a very clean way to connect any container to a gutter down spout. And the hose used to fill the barrel from the diverter can be any length needed. So the barrel does not need to be right next to the down spout.

Here is a video for the Rainreserve Diverter system:

If you are interested in learning more about a Rainreserve Diverter system, be sure to have a look here:

Rainreserve Basic Rain Diverter

Here is a closer look at the Rain Saver Diverter System:

If you are interested in learning more about the Rain Saver Diverter system, or would like to take a look at some customer reviews, have a look here: (it is also a few bucks cheaper than the Rainreserve system).

Rain Saver Diverter


Diverters prevent clogs from twigs, dirt and other gutter debris.


5. Connector Kits:

Connector Kits are used to attach any number of barrels together so that when one fills completely, the excess water begins to fill the next, and so on and so on.

An unlimited amount of water barrels can be attached together. ***Note: the next barrel in line to be filled needs to be a little lower than the previous one - so gravity is used to fill the barrels.

Learn More about Connector Kits

So, if there is need for a lot of stored rain water, or there is need for more water in the future, another barrelcan be added easily.


Be the only one in your Neighborhood with a Green Lawn using stored water and a water pump.


6. Water Pumps:

Water Pumps are used instead of watering cans and buckets. Use a water pump to create Water pressure so that a hose, or sprinkler, can be used.

Wayne PLS100 1 HP 720 GPH Portable Lawn Sprinkling Pump, Stainless

Some are submersible and others attach to a hose to suck out the water (just like in the video below).

Water Pressure:

The other way to create more water pressure from your barrel without using a Water pump is by elevating the barrel as high off the ground as possible, and let gravity do it's thing.

Although, chances are gravity will not be able to run a sprinkler like in the video using the pump, the higher the barrel the higher the water pressure.

A pump and a Rain Barrel together will keep your lawn green while your neighbors are turning brown.

Here is a good example of a use for a Pump:

Here are some other Pump ideas:

Water Pump Options

7. Underground Rain Barrels:

Underground Barrels are installed usually by people that want to hold a lot of water, or for people that don't want to have a rain barrel that is visible.

Underground Barrels

It is the best of both worlds.

Here is a video of an underground set-up:




8. Rain Chains:

Rain Chains come in many different styles. They make a great alternative to a regular gutter drop pipe, and create a great sound.

These Rain Chains can be fed directly into a water catcher and ad even more eye appeal to the Decorative ones.

Rain Chain Designs

A Rain Chain along with a decorative water barrel is a great topic of conversation.


Here are a few different Rain Chains

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