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High Tunnel Greenhouse and Hoop House Greenhouse make the news. They are our number 1 choice in greenhouses for many reasons, and it's definitely neat to see the good things that people (not even growers) are using them to accomplish.

These stories are from Schools and people's backyards, people trying to bring an education to children, to have fun and learn to produce their own food and help to sustain their environment.

Here are a few of the reasons we support the Hoop House:

  • in-expensive to purchase and build
  • Garden year round without the need for artificial heat
  • Sturdy and practical
  • no need for the expensive equipment, and no need for excavation or heavy duty preparation of the property

Here are the Headlines:

A Hoop House in Every Backyard

  • grow throughout the winter
  • "We need to grow local, and we can do it in winter." - Hinkley (it can be done in Hoop House greenhouse)
  • The food we eat travels an average of 1,750 miles.
  • Fresh High quality food locally
  • Selling to local Restaurants

Hoop House Helps provide for Community

  • plant directly into the ground..
  • grow cold tolerant vegetables in the winter.
  • distributing to people in the community who are in need of food.

Elementary School opens a Hoop House

  • Elementary School has a fun Ribbon Cutting ceremony.
  • Great Idea
  • School made arrangements with local restaurants to buy the herbs.

John’s Hoop House Feeds the Hungry

  • two of todays top issues in the economy - Energy and Food Prices. How a group of students are overcoming this with a Hoop House Greenhouse.
  • local High School makes a difference and decides to fee the hungry.
  • Great Explanation of a High Tunnel Greenhouse
  • Fixing the issue of hunger with an eco-friendly approach by using a Hoop House Greenhouse.

Greenhouse or Hoop House May augment KCS Garden
  • School working towards getting a greenhouse
  • Using the produce in their Cafeterias.

I hope that these stories inspire you like they did me. And, it would be great to see more schools get on board with programs like these!

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