Portable Greenhouse

So what classifies a portable greenhouse……? Basically it comes down to: setup time, storability and transportability.

They come in many different designs, colours and sizes - and you can see a few from the links below. Usually the frame is constructed out of aluminum, graphite or galvanized steel with a poly covering (set up is much like a tent).

Make sure that the outer poly cover is UV protected, or the greenhouse will not last long under the sun’s rays.

Portable Greenhouses - Pictures and descriptions

Patio Greenhouse - Greenhouses on your patio.

Patio Greenhouses - Things to watch for when growing in a small greenhouse

Miniature Greenhouse - Pros, cons - Miniature Greenhouses are portable.

Pick your Seasons:

These greenhouses can be set up in late fall or early winter and taken down after the last frost has taken place.

If you are looking for a permanent structure that you will plan to keep up all year long you may be interested to take a look at the following greenhouse options as well:

PVC Greenhouse

PVC greenhouses – can be easily set up and taken down – cost is cheap and materials can be picked up from your local hardware store.

Aluminum Greenhouse

Aluminum Greenhouses fit nicely into any landscape

Wood Greenhouse

Wood Greenhouses can be made as simple or elaborate as you would like.

Things to keep in mind about a Portable Greenhouse:

They are a great way extend the growing season (longer growing time = larger plants) and keep your plants growing for the longest time possible.

These portable green house are also a great option to start with if you would like to make sure that greenhouse gardening is something that you are truly going to enjoy, as well as devote your time to.

They are designed for quick set-up. Some setup times are listed to take as little as 20-30 minutes, others are self erecting and take no time at all.

It is also advised to keep in mind the geographical location that they will be used in. Are the elements extreme? Is there a lot of snow fall or heavy winds, during the time that they will be set up? And if so is the design of the greenhouse able to withstand those elements?

It all depends on their purpose, what is it going to be used for?

These greenhouses are great for sprouting seeds and starting plants from cuttings, grafting etc, in early spring. If that is what you are looking for they may be ideal.

The only drawback to a portable greenhouse is their durability. Some are better quality than others, and like most things – you tend to get what you pay for.

These green houses are usually equipped with zippered doors and windows that can be rolled up and tied; care should be taken to make sure there is adequate ventilation.

    Things to look for:
  • Durability and quality
  • Covering is UV protected
  • Frame is durable and rust resistant
  • Ease of use and set up
  • Includes detailed instructions
  • Proper Ventilation
  • Will suit the type of use that it will be used for

Pros and Cons:

    Pros –
  • Quick set up time
  • Come in different sizes, designs and colours
  • Great way to start out (test drive a green house)
  • Easy to transport and store, very lightweight

  • Limited durability
  • Limited Insulating capabilities

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