Greenhouse Gardening: Fun and rewarding Hobby, or a Business?

Greenhouse Gardening can be a very, rewarding, and fun hobby. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy greenhouse gardening.

You can start with only a few basics, and the same basics are used in any greenhouse, no matter what the size.

For people who would like to spend more time gardening but live in a climate that has a short growing season, a greenhouse is a great thing. Greenhouses turn gardening into a year round activity.

The trick is to choose the right greenhouse. The greenhouse should accommodate your gardening needs, as well as the amount you have in your budget.

Greenhouse Environment:

Year-round gardening depends on your geographic location, the site of your greenhouse, and if there are any alternative heat sources available. Here are a couple of great greenhouse Greenhouse gardening resources.

A greenhouse offers the opportunity to sow hardy annuals for spring flowering, over-winter delicate plants, or start seeds to plant in an outdoor garden (all three without heat).

In a greenhouse,vegetables and flowers can be grown year round with an artificial, or solar heat source.

Generally speaking, a greenhouse that can maintain a minimum greenhouse temperature of 60°F, at night, can grow almost any fruit or vegetable year-round .

A greenhouse is basically a controlled micro climate of your outdoor growing conditions. Greenhouse Gardening is ideal because the environment can be kept perfect, and the plant is kept safe.

Build a Greenhouse:

Gardeners have been building greenhouses for years from many types of materials. There are many options when it comes to greenhouse gardening. There are many greenhouse kits available, making it relatively easy and cheap to get into it. It’s a great hobby; there are free greenhouse plans and DIY How-to information available on this site.

Take a look at the greenhouse kits page or the Greenhouse Videos Index page for more information.

Greenhouse Kits:

There are a lot of greenhouse kits to fit every skill level and price range. They come in all different sizes, styles and designs and can be incorporated into just about any space.

Greenhouses as a business:

Greenhouses are also a great way to make some extra money; it is a relatively cheap business to set up.

Plants can be grown for free, through different forms of propagation. Start a backyard greenhouse nursery .

Plant Hardiness Zone / Temperature:

You will be more successful if you match the plants needs with the greenhouse growing conditions.

Just as one would consider the hardiness zone for growing plants outside, it’s good to know for Greenhouse Gardening as well – that way it is known what the plants minimum tolerable temperature is, and we can be sure to stay above it.

Solar Greenhouses:

Your greenhouse is designed to collect and store solar heat. When the topic of Solar Greenhouses comes up it is a little funny, because, all Greenhouses work by trapping the sun’s heat.

A true Solar greenhouse makes use of as many opportunities to run without artificial heat as possible.


If the temperature inside your greenhouse gets too hot, your plants will wilt and die. To monitor the temperature of a greenhouse , set up a thermometer inside, in the shade, and at the level of your plants, a minimum-maximum thermometer is a great tool.

A thermostat is also a great tool that can be used with a greenhouse heater. But, a thermostat should never be the sole tool used to automate the temperature of a greenhouse. It is always a good thing to be used with manual monitoring of a Max-Min Thermometer, although most Max-min thermometers will record this info automatically throughout the day.


It is important to establish a regular daily routine when greenhouse gardening. A routine will save your plants. Over time, the routine can also be automated as much as possible – watering systems, temperature controls, automatic ventilation, and fans are some of the tools for automation. Do your green thumb a favor and explore Greenhouse Gardening. Why only garden for a few short months in a year . With the changes in our weather, it is great to be able to control your own growing environment.

Plants receive more growing time, more fruits and vegetables are produced, and gardeners get to spend even more time doing what they love. Or even make some money doing what they love.

There are a lot of options on the market so taking the time in selecting the right is key. Feel free to Contact me if you would like to see any other topics listed on this site.

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