Patio Greenhouses - greenhouse gardening on your patio

A greenhouse is a greenhouse and patio greenhouses aren't any different. What it comes down to is size, all of the same principals and basicsapply.

They are pretty much a cold frame. It is difficult to regulate the heat in a small greenhouse because the inside space is too tiny. If the changes in temperature are too sudden or drastic, chances are your plants aren't going to like it.

Think about it like a small room in your house. Crank the heat and it gets too hot, but open a window it cools downreally quick. In a small greenhouse it is often best to go without an artificial heat source just to play it safe.

If an Artificial heat source is definitely needed a good idea may be a seed heat mat. Theydo not take up much room, and the heat that they produce is not likely to heat up your greenhouse drastically enoughto hurt your plants.

A mini greenhouse is a great way to start your seeds a little earlier in the seasonfor outside planting.

Some of the Many Benefits

  • offer protection for your plants
  • protect from animals
  • a great way to save space but still enjoy your hobby, or fresh vegetables.
  • prolong your plants growing season
  • Take a look at the homepage for other benefits

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