Greenhouse Kit:

There are a lot of options available when it comes to finding the “right” greenhouse kit.

Here is a list of some of the options available.

And to learn more about each of them, just follow the link. Let us know if you have any questions, we can be reached Here.

On this page you will find links to other pages on our site where we have gone more in depth on each of the Kit options that are available.

Good luck in your hunt! For the record this site started out of our look for the perfect greenhouse kit for our family. In the end we chose a Hoop House made out of Galvanized steel.

And so that you can make the right choice for yourself we have listed information on each type in the below links.

Here are a few of the different options available:

Aluminum Greenhouse

- one of the original hobby greenhouse kits available on the market.

There is a set up video available on this page.

Another great option is to make your own greenhouse from scratch. You can find some good inspiration by following a few of the links we offer on our Greenhouse plans page.

Greenhouse Plans

- if you are good with tools and would like to try a greenhouse on your own, these plans are a great place to start to put together your ideas.

Wood Greenhouse

- find out which type of wood is the best for making greenhouses and why. Along with the pros and cons.

PVC Greenhouse

- PVC greenhouses are an inexpensive way to build a greenhouse. We also offer a few free plans on this site.

Hoop House Greenhouse

- Hoop houses are some of the most widely used greenhouses both in the commercial and hobby greenhouse market in North America.

Also known as High Tunnels or poly tunnels they are very versatile, and are the best bang for your buck (strictly my own opinion, and a lot of other peoples as well).

Solar Greenhouse

- a solar greenhouse is the basic idea of how a greenhouse keeps the heat in, using the sun as the main source of heat.

There is a good video on this page showing the basic idea of a Solar Greenhouse. Good to know when looking for a hobby greenhouse.

Miniature Greenhouse

- miniature greenhouses are perfect for the Apartment patio, to overwinter plants, or even for kids to learn about plant growth (fun project).

Portable Greenhouse

- Portable greenhouses can be taken down and stored, to be used at certain points of the year. Large greenhouses can be folded down to be stored in a smaller space.

Lean to Greenhouse

- there are many benefits to having a lean to greenhouse. If you have a wall in a sunny spot, this may be the perfect choice. Pros and Cons inside.

Sustainable Lifestyle

- This is a large reason for why some people have decided on a hobby greenhouse kits.

Plan to grow your own Fruits and Vegetables? Take a look at the Disney Land Pavilion Center Video located Here.

greenhouse glazing

is another important topic when making the final decision on a hobby greenhouse kits.

Also be sure to check out our Greenhouse Gardening Videos

Hobby Greenhouse Kit

Greenhouse Kits

Rion Greenhouses

Wood Greenhouse Kits

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse - Domes are pretty cool.

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