Miniature Greenhouse:

Miniature greenhouses are also sometimes referred to as cold frames. Even if the miniature greenhouse is mini, they are used the same way as a large greenhouse. There are many ways to make your own mini greenhouse (see below), or there are also a variety that are available to purchase on the market.

Mini Greenhouses are ideal for those beginners that have not yet committed to the idea of a kit or building a greenhouse on their own. If the steps for mini greenhouse gardening are the same as those for large houses, why not start with a miniature.

They are a fraction of the cost and a great way to learn how the greenhouse works. As well as to learn the different things needed to obtain an ideal growing condition for the plants.

Mini Greenhouse Benefits:

Know anyone that seems to have an endless supply or budget for plants? Mini greenhouses are a real advantage for seed-starting and other ways of propagating plants for free, and are the best-kept secret of many gardeners.

    Why Miniature Greenhouses are so Beneficial:

  • Inexpensive
  • Save Space
  • Quick to set-up
  • Offer same benefits as a regular size greenhouse, as listed on ourhome page.

Other benefits:

Mini greenhouses also work to help with the transitioning of tropical plants, or any other plant for that matter that will be acclimated to growing outdoors as the weather gets to be a little nicer.

These plants can be placed in a mini greenhouse, and kept safe and protected and given a better opportunity to get used to the outside temperature. Instead of being put out to the elements right away, plants are protected from drying winds, and moderately colder temperatures in the spring.

If in the market for a greenhouse, but don’t need a permanent structure, another option is portable greenhouse that can be built and taken down very quickly.

Overwintering and Propagation:

Mini greenhouses are ideal for overwintering plants, they are quick and easy to set-up, or take down and store. Also they are a great tool for gardeners to start plants from seeds or cuttings – allowing for a great way to get a head start on the growing season.

Temperature Regulation:

It is however difficult to regulate the temperature in a miniature greenhouse as the temperature will fluctuate rapidly, it is also difficult to monitor the temperature fluctuations.

It’s the same thing as warming and cooling a small room in a house. The room will be easy to heat and easy to cool, but to get that temperature just right, and keep it there, could be a little more difficult.

That being said they are still a great way to get into greenhouse gardening.

Limited for Space?:

For the gardener with limited space, or an apartment or balcony gardener, the mini greenhouse is a must.

As mentioned, there are so many different sizes of miniature greenhouses that there will always be one available to fit in any space.


    There are many ways to start gardening with a mini greenhouse:
  • 4,5,6 tier shelving units covered with UV protected poly plastic
  • Seed starting trays with plastic greenhouse covers (I have started many seeds and cuttings with these great tools)
  • Make your own mini greenhouse (very easy)

In Conclusion:

One of the best things about mini greenhouses is the fact that they are so mobile, they can be used as mini terrariums in the house for tropical plants, or outside for overwintering or propagation. They are incredibly easy to move around when need be.

However, if you're looking to do some more extensive gardening, mini greenhouses can still provide the right solution. Mini greenhouses generally require no tools for assembly and are low cost.

Another benefit is that they can be used within a large unheated greenhouse. This makes for even higher temperatures in the mini greenhouse – being able to start seeds, cuttings, or even grow tropicals.

If you have decided to grow a large quantity or a variety of plants then of course you will need a larger greenhouse, but if you just wish to have a few plants than a small mini greenhouse may do the trick.

    Mini greenhouses can actually be placed anywhere such as:

  • Balconies
  • Patios
  • Backyards
  • Decks
  • And even in the house

Miniature Greenhouses pose a great learning process for beginners. The ins and outs can be learned by starting with a mini greenhouse, when ready graduation to a larger greenhouse is easy.

There are a good variety of herbs and lettuce that can be grown, healthily, and successfully in mini-greenhouses even throughout the whole year.

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