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There are a lot of Greenhouse Gardening Tips available out there. Every gardener has their own tricks and tips to ensuring a great yield. Many of these tips come from superstition, others have been passed down by the previous generations.

So how is it that one sorts through the suggestions to find what works for them?

This was my focus when in answering the above question for myself.

I knew what I wanted, and also knew what I didn't want.

Here is a list of the things that were important to me:

  • To grow as many vegetables as possible

  • Create a Natural Healthy Organic Garden

  • Stay away from unnatural fertilizers

  • Keep unwanted pests at bay

  • Keep weeding to the absolute minimum (it's not fun, and I don't have time for it)

Self Watering Containers:

It was the last one that was going to give me the most problems and was probably what was my most focus in finding the system that was going to work for me and my gardening endeavors.

At the beginning I felt that growing in the ground was out of the question because I felt that I was going to spend most of the time on all fours picking weeds. So I opted for container gardening.

And in particular Self Watering Containers .

These were, and are, amazing and the on the plus side is that they can be made using buckets, or what have you, once you know the concept and the basic build concept.

There are plans available for these that explain the materials, tools and illustrate the DIY build.

Not only do they not allow weeds to grow, they also need a limited amount of watering. They can even be setup in a way that they show when water needs to be added.

It's All About the Soil:

The self watering containers are great, but at the top of my list was the fact that I wanted to grow as many vegetables as possible, and I wasn't convinced that growing in containers was going to do this for me.

Growing in the ground, with a healthy well built soil, will and can provide the ultimate environment for your vegetable plants to thrive. Planting them in a certain way can keep pests at bay and even confuse them.

And a well built healthy soil can store water in a way that will not rot the roots of the plants. It can also be built up in a way that it will also offer a ready supply of organic fertilizer.

The garden is to be set up as Mother Nature intended it to be. More of an Ecosystem, like the forest, rather than a man made manufacturing plant.

The best Greenhouse Gardening Tips are a mix of the best that suit your needs and your goals. Establish the needs and goals and work from there.

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