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Combine the two Systems for great Greenhouse Gardening Information

If you combine the concepts of each gardener together: Eliot Coleman's Hoop House Gardening, and Jonathan White's soil building, and plantings, you could effectively get the absolute best of both worlds. This in my opinion is great greenhouse gardening information.

I recommend that you take a look at each of the resources further yourself:

Eliot Coleman ofThe Four-Season Harvest is a Market Grower, agricultural researcher, tool designer, and author who uses Hoop Houses to lengthen his growing opportunity.

If you are interested in a full Four Season Harvest Review CLICK HERE.

Both of these authors are great proponents of Organic Gardening.

Jonathan White is both an Environmental Scientist and Horticulturalist with over 20 years of experience. He is also the author and creator of Food4Wealth

If you are interested in a full Food4Wealth Review CLICK HERE.

Here is why I recommend both The Four Season Harvest along with the Food4Wealth method for ultimate in greenhousegardening information.

First off both of the author's are highly qualified and come highly recommended.

Why the two go Hand in Hand:

Both of these books prove to be beneficial to the backyard grower.

Here is why I think that they work so well together.

The Four Season Harvest

Eliot Coleman's book is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the covered garden, or greenhouse gardening.

He explains, with illustrations, exactly how to create a Hoop House Garden that can produce sustainable food year round with Greenhouse Growing.

The problem is that the concept promotes the need to move the Hoop House throughout the seasons in order to prepare and seed the plant beds in advance.

When the season is ready for the next crop the Hoop House is picked up and moved to that plot of land.

This also allows for crop rotation to keep the gardening plot soil healthy and full of nutrients.

So, this would mean that you would need a larger plot of land. The Four Season Harvest is still a great book for eventhe gardener with the smallest of backyards.

If you are interested in a full Four Season Harvest Review CLICK HERE.

And I highly recommend it to anyone to learn the concepts taught about Hoop House gardening by Eliot Coleman.


This is where Jonathan White's organic gardening system comes in Food4Wealth. This system promotes the building of the soil from scratch, layer by layer.

He promotes the building of a small ecosystem in your own backyard.

This garden is designed and created by mimicking Mother Nature.

If you are interested in a full Food4Wealth Review CLICK HERE.

The soil is to be left alone, no need for crop rotation, and no need for a huge backyard, or plot of land.

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