Chicken Coops Backyard - Chicken Coops in your own backyard?

Greenhouses, solar power, sustainable water sources..... chicken coops backyard.

More and more people are thinking along the lines of sustainable living, and why not.

Why not be able to feed yourself from your own backyard!

Videos below - and more videos can be found here

Greenhouses are a great way to grow produce year round, so that covers your produce bill, but there are many people out there that are now, and have been, keeping chickens in their own backyards….. and they are actually producing eggs.

A chicken produces an egg pretty much every 24 hrs. So it doesn’t take too many chickens to produce enough fresh eggs for a family.

There are actually a few Municipalities out there that have legalized the keeping of Chickens in Urban backyards, here are a few examples:

  • New York City
  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • Victoria
  • Burnaby
  • Richmond
  • And most Recently Vancouver

You can take a look at this article from the Vancouver Sun for an interesting read.

Vancouver Sun - Chicken Coop Article

Take a look at a Seattle couples experience with their Chicken Coops backyard:

If you do have the urge or want to learn more about keeping a chicken coops backyard and would like to learn how to build your own. Bill Keene’s website is a good place to start.

Chicken Coop Plans and Information on how to keep them and the proper breeds to keep

You could even start a business....? (take a look to see if there is any demand in your local area)

Try taking a look on Craigslist to see what type of demand is out there.

And if you are interested in starting a home based business you may be interested in starting a backyard nursery.

This could turn into a good little side business making chicken coops for people that aren’t that great with tools….. you never know – and what a great service to provide.

Back to our Roots

People used to keep a garden and chicken coops backyard as common practice. We've kind of drifted away from being self sustainable in compared to past generations.

Chicken Coop Plans and Information on how to keep them and the proper breeds to keep

Not only will the book show you plans on how to build your own chicken coops backyard it will also help to choose the proper chicken for your area and climate.

Here is a testimonial of an Amateur chicken farmer explaining more about the book:

Chicken Coops Backyard

"If you are considering keeping chickens in your back yard, you must read this book..." "...If you are considering keeping chickens in your back yard, you must read this book. Whether you have a tiny courtyard or acres to play with, Keene’s advice will stand you in good stead and help you build the right chicken coop. The focus of the book is on being well-prepared for your flock before they even arrive. Keene ensures that you consider every issue before you spend a cent on birds, feed or equipment. He discusses which species is appropriate for your garden, what they should eat and, as the title suggests, how you should house them. Anyone with basic do-it-yourself tools and a patch of land could follow his instructions. The drawings and diagrams are easy to interpret and the lists of materials and tools needed are very helpful. Keene also appreciates that the value of using recycled materials in your chicken coop – cheap and environmentally friendly. Keene encourages responsible husbandry – his reminder of tasks to be completed weekly, monthly and sixth monthly should be replicated onto the calendar of any careful poultry keeper. The level of detail is just right, from a list of the color of the egg you might expect from you hen to a description of healthy hen’s poop! If you follow his tips, your happy hens will be very productive. Next we need a cookbook for ideas to use up all the spare eggs…"

Signed -

Tracyann - Amateur Chicken Farmer - Devon, United Kingdom

Contact Us

I would love to hear from anyone that is currently producing eggs in their own chicken coops backyard, please visit our Contact Us page.

Share your stories and outcomes and we will share them with everyone else too. That’s what this site is about, living and learning how to live sustainably with the earth and each other. Share information openly and let’s help each other out.

I am an animal lover, through and through (but I am sure that anyone that would be interested in keeping chickens in their backyards would be as well).

I hope that anyone that does decide to keep chicken coops backyard truly does their homework and has a home ready well before they bring their Chickens home.

Here’s another video

Greenhouses are a good way to make a nice sized run for your chickens for some exercise. The one on this video is made of PVC pipe and is pretty light weight. Could be moved without the tractor fairly easily so that the chicken fertilizer could be spread around.

You can find some free PVC plans at our Greenhouse Plans page.

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