Greenhouse Temperature

Greenhouse Temperature is another benefit of greenhouse gardening. The Greenhouse can be set to whatever temperature the plants are going to need to be healthy. That is if you are going to use some sort of artificial heat source.

A greenhouse heater and a thermostat is a great way to make sure that your plants do not hit freezing point, or fall below the plants ideal temperature.

Temperature Classifications:

The inside temperature of greenhouses are laid out in three categories: Cool and Frost Free, Warm, and Hothouse.

These are based off of the coldest temperatures that the greenhouse reaches in a 24 hr period (or night time temperature).

A drastic change below these temperatures may cause slower growth, flower drop, or in a nutshell lower yields and other problems.

    Here is a list of the Three Classes and their Night Time Temp. (Coldest Temp in a 24 hr period):

  1. Cool and frost free greenhouses: Night Temperature: between 5-7 degrees C (40-45 degrees F) is the prime temperature for growing frost sensitive plants, or your propagated cuttings.

  2. Warm greenhouse:Night Temperature: 13 degrees C (55 degrees F).Grow lights may also be needed to supplement light for plants grown at this temperature and from a climate that this is mimicking. A warm greenhouse would mimic sunnier areas.

  3. Hothouse:Night Temperature: 18 degrees C (65 degrees F).For tropical and exotic plants. Temperatures may run up to 85 degrees F.

Air circulation is also important in controlling temperature:

Greenhouse Air Circulation

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