Greenhouse Thermometer

A greenhouse Thermometer is a necessity for keeping track of the Maximum and minimum temperatures throughout the day. These thermometers automatically record these important temperatures so you do not have to be there to watch and record yourself.

Using one of these great greenhouse tools alows you know if you need a heat source or ventilation to keep your plants happy and healthy(each plant likes a different temperature).

Greenhouse Thermostat

Many of the heaters that are available have a built in thermostat. Or if they do not you can attach a household thermostat to your heater.

Even though a Greenhouse Thermostat is set up does not mean that it should be relied on fully. Using the Thermometer will help to make sure that the greenhouse temperature greenhouse temperature that you want is what you are actually getting.

Setting the thermostat to the right temperature does not mean that that is what is being achieved in the greenhouse.

It is also a great way to keep track of those Micro climates that occur in the greenhouses around windows, doors, and vents.

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Greenhouse Air Circulation

Circulating the air helps to regulate the greenhouse's temperature.

Greenhouse Temperature

A great benefit of Greenhouse Growing

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