Considerations in Choosing a Backyard Hobby greenhouse

In choosing the right Backyard hobby greenhouse, there are a few things to consider.

There are so many ways that a hobby greenhouse kits can be used: start a small business, expand a hobby, extend the sun-filled outdoor space, use it for a chicken coop or aviary……...

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Size: What size of Backyard Hobby Greenhouse is needed?: at the moment, and in the future?

If there is a need to expand on the backyard greenhouse kits in the future, will the chosen greenhouse be easily expandable?

Will you want to use it to store plants during the winter, or use your greenhouse as a quite get away where you can kick back and relax?

If your budget is tight and the size of greenhouse is absolutely important to you, whether you currently have it in your budget, or you will definitely be adding to it in the future, you may want to learn more, or take a look at theHoop House.

Solar or Artificial Heat Source?: Do you plan on harnessing the free power of the sun for your greenhouse heat?

Or will there be a need for a gas or electric heat source?

Taking a look at this solar greenhouse tour may help with your decision.

Budget: What's in the budget?…… are you looking for a fancy backyard hobby greenhouse that will be a showpiece, or an addition to your house, or are you looking for something that is more functional?

The price range is endless, from a few hundred dollars to thousands…… depending on size, style, materials, accessories etc….

Interested to view some more information on Greenhouse Kits take a look here.

Also, is the greenhouse kits building project something that you are planning on tackling on your own, or will you need a professional to install it?

Thinking about tackling the build on your own, you may very well find all of the inspiration that you need by visiting our Greenhouse Plans page.

Permanent or Portable: The set up of hobby greenhouse kits is a big consideration.

How much time would you like to put into setting up your greenhouse?

There are really two options to consider: Permanent – requires excavated foundation, and possibly a building permit.

Or, Portable – a hobby greenhouse kits that can be built easily and even be moved in the future if needed.

Again if you are looking for portable, and an easy way to start greenhouse gardening take a look at the Hoop House.

So where does a Hoop House hobby greenhouse stand in these considerations? Well I've promoted it quite a bit on this page.

They are easily expandable, a better value for your money to build, are considered to be solar heated, and therefore inexpensive to run. And they are also considered to be portable, easily set up with no building permits needed.

It is for these reasons that I decided to go with a Hoop House / High tunnel greenhouse myself.

Again if you would like to have a look here is the linkHoop House, there is also a link that will take you to a page that shows the build, with pictures, of one of our Hoop Houses.

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