Building a Backyard Greenhouse out of 2 Litre pop bottles.

This is an interesting idea building a backyard greenhouse out of 2Litre pop bottles.

The bottles have a lot of air space on the inside of them and would probably insulate very well - it'd be a warm greenhouse.

I am not too sure about the quality of light the plants would be able to get through the plastic but I'm sure it would probably be good to grow healthy plants.

Now there are a lot of other Greenhouse Materials that can be used to build a greenhouse but this is a fun and inexpensive way. And anybody can get their hands on some 2 Litre bottles.

It would be a good idea to figure out a good, and simple, ventilation idea. But all and all, It’s just a great concept of how to build using 2L pop bottles.

The only draw back that I would see is that they may be a bit unsightly, but that's up for discussion.

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Here's the Building a Greenhouse out of Pop Bottles Video:

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Building a Greenhouse out of 2 Litre pop bottles tour:

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