Do It Yourself Greenhouse - What are the options?

There are so many styles and designs of a do it yourself greenhouse that you can choose from.

But if just starting out in greenhouse gardening, or on a tight budget, a diy greenhouse is the way to go. Unless using a greenhouse builder or a friend or family member close by, they are the only way to go.

There are so many ways that a greenhouse can be made, take a look at some of theFree Greenhouse Plansthat we have found. There are many good ideas ,and it is a great place to start no matter what the final decision may be. These plans are a collection of different resources that I have found and they will be updated as we come across more of them.

Also, don't pass by the Greenhouse Kits without taking a look. Many of these can be picked up at a great price, and they are also considered to be DIY Greenhouse.

Really, a diy greenhouse can be done in any way. Once the basics are know about how a greenhouse works, and the basics can be made and maintained a greenhouse can be made in any way. Sky's the limit, imagination is the limit.

If building one from scratch seems too daunting. Basically find a frame that you can use and cover it with the greenhouse glazing of your choice.

So what kind of pre-existing frames can be used for your do it yourself greenhouse?:

  • an old swing set frame (without the swings) - cover with the glazing.
  • a temporary storage shelter - these things can be found everywhere.
  • an old wooden shed - maybe you have and existing one. just strip the siding, andthe roof and, again, fit it with your own glazing.

There are a lot of good greenhouse plans out there, but I still personally standbehind the Hoop House.

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