Greenhouse Windows, bring the outdoors in:

A new dimension can be added to your home by installing greenhouse windows. Any room can be transformed into an indoor garden.

The kitchen is the ideal room for one of these garden windows, what a great place to grow fresh herbs and a variety of vegetables. Not only will these windows bring in a lot of natural light into your home they are also a great addition to your personal well being.

Growing anything brings about a sense of peace and tranquility. Why not bring this feeling into the one place that we all spend most of our time… the kitchen. Bring a little piece of Eden into your home.

No Space…. budget doesn’t allow for a sunroom? Why not a garden window?:

    A greenhouse window is a lot more affordable than a sunroom, and offer much of the same benefits on a smaller scale:
  • Brings more natural light into the home
  • Offers the ideal growing condition for any plant
  • Brings gardening indoors
  • Brings the feel of the outdoors in

What a great place to keep your favourite plants, or allow for a great herb garden to help cooking fresh healthy meals. And it seconds as the perfect entertaining conversation piece.

Installing a Greenhouse Window :

It is recommended that a professional be called when installing a garden window. The entire structure of the greenhouse window relies on the connection to your home. Not to mention the seal and the connection to your home must have a very tight seal and be structurally sound.

No matter how much money can be saved by doing it yourself, the money that can be lost in the long run due to unknown leaks can be greatly more expensive than the initial cost of having it professionally installed. Chances are that this expense is going to increase the value and equity in your home as well.

If you have the knowledge and skills to do this, all the power to you, it’s a great addition. But if you don’t there are many installers out there that can help. It’s always a good idea to check for references and past work, no matter how well the installer sells their skills.

Replace an Existing Window:

The garden window is a unique replacement window option for those who truly want to bring the outdoors in. Replace an existing window or add more space and light by installing in a new location. They come in all shapes and sizes, if they are being installed for indoor growing be sure that they have adequate ventilation and if it is filled with plants that the windows are still easily accessible to open.

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