How to Make a Greenhouse

How to make a greenhouse: There are many different style, designs, glazing materials, building and constructing materials, doors , ventilation and the like that go into making, and building, a greenhouse.

If your goal is to find information on how to make a greenhouse then the chances are that you are confident in your building skills so a huge part, or hurdle, has already been past.

Here are some of the topics of interest for building a greenhouse:

  • Tools
  • Knowledge
  • Greenhouse Plans
  • Skills and Help
  • Materials

Knowledge :

Knowledge for construction is not only needed for how to make a greenhouse, but also for the function of the greenhouse itself. It is important to know the workings of the greenhouse before the greenhouse construction begins.

The proper planning and decision processes will assure that the correct result will be achieved at the end.

Is the greenhouse constructed going to be able to offer the right environment for the variety of plants that are going to be grown.

Greenhouse Plans:

Once the research in choosing the right kind of greenhouse that is needed has been exhausted, than finding the right Greenhouse plans is next on the list; of course, if one doesn’t know what kind of greenhouse they are looking for, it could potentially be an overwhelming experience since there are so many different options available.

Links to some of the Internets best Greenhouse Plans can be found at

Skills and Help:

It’s easy to bite off more than they can be chewed. Especially if it is a project that is unfamiliar to a person, extra hands ,and heads ,are always better.

Having all of the materials and tools ready to go, and on hand for the build day, is always recommended, and appreciated by the volunteers.

So, if there are plans to be the foreman it is good to go through the how to make a Greenhouse plans before hand and be completely comfortable with the build, before the build even begins.

Greenhouse - Materials:

There are many materials that can be used. Basically any material can be used to build one, it is just choosing the best value for your money. Wood can be used to quickly put up the greenhouse, but if not pressure treated lumber or cedar is used than it is sure to rot quickly in the warm moist environment.

Greenhouse Glazing is probably the most important material for any how to make a greenhouse. Glass is always good to use, and quite often used windows from houses and other renovations can be used.

However, glass is heavy and can be dangerous and cumbersome to work with, there are other greenhouse glazing that can be used to cover the frame, although care should be made to make sure that the glazing is in fact Greenhouse quality. Meaning that it has been UV protected and is thick and durable to last longer than one season.

Many people use Hardware store grade poly. The problem with this is that it is not UV treated and therefore not protected. This form of glazing is quick to turn yellow and brittle. It will stop adequate amount of light from penetrating the greenhouse and will become brittle and crack, with the time spent and the replacement time it will take to replace it does not seem to be of good value.

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