PVC Greenhouse Plans:

If you are interested in building your own we have PVC Greenhouse Plans located on our website.

Here is a video series of a pvc hoop house located in Mendocino California.

I wanted to include this monthly series because I found it interesting, and thought that you might too.

A hoop house is a great addition for any gardener. Since this greenhouse is in California, plant selection needs to be considered. As mentioned in the videos, the plants are hot weather vegetables.

If you live in a colder climate area, plant selection would need to be chosen for your area, by selecting the right plants for the season using a hoop house plants can be grown year round right through the winter – and can live a lot further North than California.

A Hoop house usually does not include an artificial heat source so it comes down to more planning and consideration to the plants that are being grown.

PVC Hoop House - Video 1:

This is an update one month after the initial planting. Temperatures reported to be in the low 60's, in the greenhouse reported to be in the 70's and higher.

Thinking of building your own: PVC Greenhouse Plans

Interested in Building Your Own Greenhouse?:

This greenhouse is built out of PVC Pipe. If you would like to build a greenhouse of your own you may want to take a look at:

PVC Greenhouse Plans CLICK HERE

PVC Hoop House Video 2:

Update after 2 months after initial planting. Great growth in plants. The planting are heat loving varieties.

PVC Hoop House Video 3:

This is an update after 3 months of the initial planting. It is reported that in the location of the Greenhouse in Mendocino, California, it is impossible to grow hot weather Vegetables outside without the Hoop House.

Take a look at their Catelopes.

PVC Hoop House - Video 4:

This is the fourth month after the initial planting. The fruits and vegetables are ready to be harvested. Take a look.

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