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Canning Garden Food: If you are interested, or do Greenhouse Gardening, you will probably want to figure out what you plan to do with all of that extra produce. No need to let it go to waste, sell it all at Farmer’s Markets, give it all a way………etc. You may want to have some on hand in your home pantry.

The following is a brief description on Canning:

If you are looking to grow more vegetables for your canning endeavors this is a good place to start.

Greenhouses and Food Canning = a great combination.

There are two types of Canning Greenhouse Food:

  1. Water Bath Canning – used for High Acid Foods (ex. Fruits, pickles, sauerkraut, jams, jellies, marmalades and fruit butters.
  2. Pressure Canning – this is used for low-acid foods (ex. Meat, Seafood, Poultry, milk and fresh vegetables except tomatoes).

Water Bath Canning Continued…….:

This is sometimes called a “boiling water bath” as well. It is basically a large pot that comes with removable racks that keep the jars up and off the bottom of the pot and the direct heat.

This form of canning is suitable for High Acid Foods because the temperatures do not have to reach the same levels as low acid foods. The acid contained in these foods helps to prevent the growth of bacteria etc…

Pressure Canning Garden Food Continued……..:

This sort of canning is best for low acid foods because these foods do not contain natural acid, so higher temperatures are needed to kill the bacteria (such as botulism).

These temperatures can only be reached using a pressure canner.

See below for a very informative video on the basics of home canning from Studio 5.

Video 1:This is a great starter video for Canning Greenhouse Food. ****Note: There may be a quick ad that you will have to sit through (it is part of the video).

Note*****: it is important to follow a pre-existing canning recipe, and not to change it in any way other than the spices that are used. They are proven safe and tested recipes.

So what do you need to get started?:

  1. As was mentioned: Water Bath Canner or Pressure Canner
  2. Proper canning Jars, made of special tempered glass. (never use just any type of jar, these have to be able to withstand sterilization and high water temperatures.
  3. small spatula to get rid of air bubbles
  4. Proven Recipes

Here is a video on Canning Garden Food Fruits and Pie Filling – Water Bath Canning:

Here is a Video for using a pressure cooker – Chilli:

Hope you find enjoyment from Canning, healthy food for your Family. Contact us if you have any comments, questions or suggestions. Contact Us CLICK HERE

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