Four Season Harvest Tables

Four Season Harvest Tables

Eliot Coleman's - The Four Season Harvest

List of Tables

I thought that I would include a list of the Tables that are included in this book (simple concise information) -

  1. Succession Planting pg. 38

  2. Crop Families pg. 41

  3. Example of Crop Rotation pg. 42

  4. Green Manures pg. 45

  5. Cold Frame Crops for Fall and Winter Consumption pg. 94

  6. Cold Frame Crops for Fall and Winter Consumption pg. 94

  7. Overwintered Cold Frame Crops pg. 95

  8. Cold Frame Crop Families pg. 96

  9. Multiplant Seeding pg. 101

  10. Harvest Season of Cold Frame Crops from September to May in Zone 5 pg. 102

  11. Temperature Gradients with Protective Structures pg. 110

  12. Crop Plan for Mobile Greenhosue pg. 120

  13. Harvest Season of Tunnel-Covered Cold Frame Crops pg. 128

  14. Availability of Root Cellar Crops pg. 142

  15. Spinach Planting Dates pg. 195

  16. Planting Dates for an Extended Harvest pg. 206

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