Greenhouse Cold Frames: The simplest form of Greenhouse.

Greenhouse cold frames are by far the simplest form of greenhouse, and although the concept and their construction is fairly simple they are a great addition to both the novice and professional gardeners.

They use no artificial heat, so use and startup is pretty easy. A frame solely relies on the solar heat that it traps through the cover or greenhouse glazing materials.

Again just like any other greenhouse the same principals apply. On warm days it may be necessary to vent or even shade your greenhouses.

If you would like to see exactly what the glass of a greenhouse does you can find an interesting video with a very catchy song here.

A a great way to stay on top of the max and min. temperatures that a cold frame reaches throughout the day is the use of a ventilation. But it's always nice if you can automate your ventilation system.

They come in many differnt sizes. As we mentioned they are appropriate for both the novice and professional alike. There are designs small enoughto be used on an apartmentporch or back patio.

They can also be used:

Backyard Nursery A professional nursery setting in the form of a hoop house.

There are different designs available on the market or you may want to even make one yourself.

Take a look at some of these other pages for some other ideas on how you can make one for yourself:

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