Hoop House Greenhouse:

Here is a video of one of our Hoop House Greenhouse made out of a kit that we produce. As we go we will offer some better more informative videos, but I wanted to put it out there for some feedback.

We are very interested in hearing back from you, to see what topics are the most interesting to you.

Feel free to visit our contact us page if you have any questions , comments or suggestions.

I’m not the only one that feels strongly about the benefits of Hoop House Gardening, they’re making headlines: Hoop Houses in the News

Here is a Video of one of our Hoop House builds, I Like the music on this one : ) -

To Learn More about Hoop Houses CLICK HERE

Here is a tour and a brief description of how they are put together:

To Learn more about building a Hoop House CLICK HERE to see a step by step build.

Here is a bit of a list of the things that are needed to make a High Tunnel Greenhouse:

  • Hoops for the main part of the Frame.
  • Poly Plastic for the covering or greenhouse glazing.
  • Foundation pipes to secure the Hoops solidly into the ground.
  • Poly Clip or 1”x1” wood strips – to secure poly onto the frame.
  • Door – we used a screen door for this build.
  • Airplane cable – used to secure and sure up the frame.

Be sure to contact us with any comments: Contact Us CLICK HERE

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