How To Build an Indoor Greenhouse:

Here is a video of a simple Indoor Greenhouse. Quick and easy. I like the idea of using a pre-existing metal rack as the frame. It’s tough to find a frame, or material that is best to use. There is another interesting plan you can find at our Pvc Pipe Greenhouse page.

Items needed for this project:

When I was watching this greenhouse plan video I was wondering about air space. But as he says you need the air flow.

The Bayou Gardener’s idea for access to the plants by attaching the plastic using the Velcro is good. It would let you have access to the plants 360 degrees, front, back and sides .

Here's the video:

Indoor or mini Greenhouses are great for the same reasons that a regular greenhouse is. They extend the growing season. More plants can be grown that otherwise may not have done as well.

The humidity and the temperature can be controlled the same way. Have a look at our Home Page for other information on Greenhouse Gardening.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Lighting - often the right needed light isn`t always available. It is often a good idea to have a grow light as part of the system set up. See Greenhouse Equipment for other items that may help with the build, and grow the healthiest plants possible.
  • Watering - make sure that all of the water is contained in the system. If the Greenhouse is kept inside, it`s better to be cautious so there is no problems with mold and moisture damage in the future.
  • Hydroponic Systems are fun and worth while to incorporate into an indoor Greenhouse Set-up.

Let us know if you have any ideas or questions. We'd like to hear from you. Contact Us HERE

These tarp zippers are good for greenhouse building projects as well:

For More Tarp Zipper Info CLiCK HERE

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