PVC Hoop House Plans

Here are some of the best PVC Hoop House plans that I have come across.

The design of the 2x4 frame they have used allow for the PVC poly to be directly attached to the 2x4 frame, saving the cost of wiggle wire or poly lock.

Here is what I like about the PVC Hoop House:

  1. It's a Hoop House

  2. 2x4 end frame design, allowing for the poly film to be attached without wiggle wire or poly lock

  3. Well thought out with great pictures and informative steps

  4. Cost effective way to build a greenhouse

What I didn't like or would change:

  1. Trade the PVC pipe in for Galvanized steel hoops (this is how we made ours)

  2. The re-bar and PVC pipes are set-up on the outside of the bottom frame. If they were setup on the in-sidethere would be a better seal to attach the Poly film. Because the pipe is on the outside of the frame it will creategaps and air flow.

  3. Highly suggest the use of UV protected Greenhouse Poly film to cover the PVC Hoop House.

CLICK HERE for PVC Hoop House Plans

If you would like to see other styles and Designs of Greenhouse Plans that are available on the internet take a look here:

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Here is why Galvanized steel beats out PVC Pipe.

Although the initial expense for PVC pipe may seem to be lessthen Galvanized steel, it isn't in the long run.
  1. PVC pipe will last 1 to 2 years, because it becomes brittle from sitting in the sun and cracks. Galvanized steal will last indefinately. Depending on the elements that it will have to endure, extra bracing and supports maybe added for extra strength.

    Although not much more support is needed if you use 1 3/8" and larger diameter galvanized steal tubing. Our Frame, coveredwith 6 mil. UV protected Greenhouse poly has lasted through two seasons. It has been hit by some high winds, snow, rain and hail, and has withstood very well.

    We used Poly Channel to fit the 6 mil. plastic to our galvanized steel tube frame.

    This greenhouse has limited bracing. We used a simple small gage air plain cable as diagonal bracing at each of the Hoop House ends.

    We used a screen door for the opening at one end, and a roll up side for ventilation. We will be adding a roll to the other side as well for better air flow and cooler temperatures.

    We will also experiment with shade clothe as the greenhouse is in direct sunlight, and temperatures get pretty high.

  2. PVC Hoop house pipes must be fitted closer together, because they have less strength to hold up to wind and snow. If there is a heavy snowfall it should be shoveled away. If the snow is allowed to accumulate along the sides of a PVC house they can bow in from the weight.

5' spacing is recommended when using galvanized steal tubing. For a 10' x 10' Hoophouse 3 hoops would be usedat the recommended spacing of 5'. My Hoop House is 10'x16', using 4 Hoops at a spacing of 6 feet apart.

If you are in a more extreme climate the Galvanized Hoops can be spaced closer together for added support. Goingto a 4 or 4.5' spacing makes a big difference.

Although, poly channel is an added expense, I do like poly lock because it makes it easy to replace the poly, and opens up the option of taking off the cover during the warm or hot seasons, and replacing it during the winter months. Or to add shade clothe.


If you are wanting to experiment with a little greenhouse then a small version of this one would be a great way to start out. However, if you already know that you will benefit from a Hoop House then a better investment in materials used are Galvanized Steal Hoops and UV Treated Greenhouse Poly.

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