Building a greenhouse - Installing the Hoops:

In building a greenhouse the foundation plays a big role. Now that the foundation has been prepped and the ground stakes have been set firmly into the ground, the hoops were installed.

The hoops of the greenhouse are like the ribs. It is the frame that the greenhouse poly film will be attached.

Here is a greenhouse hoop ready to be slid into the greenhouse ground stakes.

The ground posts are made using a slightly larger pipe than the pipe that is used for the hoops. That way the hoops can be slid into the ground stakes and secured firmly using self tapping tek screws. Tek screws are an excellent tool.

Tek screws are a great invention. They cut down on so much time as there is no need to pre-drill any pilot holes. These screws are self tapping into any metal.

Interested in learning more about growing in a Hoop House year round be sure to take a look at these two great resources: Greenhouse gardening information

All of the hoops are installed. Just have to add the perlins (or the spine of the greenhouse), they are not very secure at this point, adding the perlins and side rails will secure the structure.

If you would like to learn more about Hoop Houses you can visit the Hoop House page.

Hoop Spacing:

To make sure that the greenhouse is sturdy and it is recommended that the hoops be placed no further than 5 ft apart. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions the “ribs” can be spaced closer together giving the greenhouse andthe greenhouse poly film even more support.

Here are some other Greenhouse Materials that can be used to build a greenhouse.

Next Step - Install the Purlins

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