Greenhouse Glass - Pros, Cons, and alternatives:

Glass and plexiglass are long-lived, strong greenhouse glazing options. It was Greenhouse glass that was the material first used for Greenhouse Construction.

Over time, various manufacturers have made a number of other glazing materials available – all have their own set of pros and cons.

Benefits of Glass Glazing:

There are a number of benefits for using Glass to build a greenhouse. It has the highest light transmission, and lasts the longest (30-plus years), unless it breaks. As mentioned, glass is the traditional glazing material used to build greenhouses and is unmatched for its appearance and longevity.

Drawbacks of Glass Glazing:

Glass makes for a beautiful, classical greenhouse, but with the benefits come a number of drawbacks.

For one, glass provides virtually no insulation (unless one can afford double-walled glass). It also breaks and can be dangerous if this happens. Greenhouse glass is also heavy and cumbersome to work with, making it difficult to install for the do-it-yourself greenhouse builder.

The drawback, that I personally do not like, is the amount of time and detail that has to go into site prep.

The building has to be absolutely plumb and level or the glass can crack, if not right away, over time.

Both glass; as well as plexiglass, is expensive to repair - so if the greenhouse is built in an area that has hailstorms, trees, or high winds, a may be a good idea to use a different type of glazing material.

Glass Glazing:

If your heart is set on glass, tempered glass is always recommended because it is stronger, which allows for fewer support bars, and it increases the safety of the people working underneath in case of breakage.

Still, with glass you can’t beat the light transmission, and visibility. For me it wasn’t what I was looking for. Then again, I wanted something that I could easily expand, and put together in the quickest amount of time possible, and most of all…. I didn’t want the hassle of perfect site preparation.

Greenhouse Glass - Pros and Cons:

  • Offers plants the max amount of natural light
  • Great visibility
  • Thicker glass offers insulation for greenhouse heating
  • Unless it breaks it lasts a long time

  • Most Expensive way to glaze a greenhouse
  • Can be hazard if broken, or maybe dangerous for the people working in the greenhouse.
  • Site must be plumb and level to prevent cracking
  • Heavy and cumbersome to work with

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