Greenhouse Ventilation

Greenhouse Ventilation is an important part of Greenhouse Gardening.

With out the circulation of air, the air gets stagnent and the greenhouse turns into a sortof pressure cooker.

It is especially important during the summer months to make sure that the greenhouse doesn't reachdangerous temperatures for the plants.

There are a number of ways to make sure the temperatures do not reach all time highs and keep the aircirculating throuhgout the greenhouse.

Greenhouse ventilation allows plants fresh air needed for their roots to be healthy. Circulating the air also decreases the chance of micro climates (pockets of different temperatures - throughout the greenhouse).

A steady circulation of the air in the greenhouse helps to regulate the temperature.

Hot and Cold Spots (or Micro Climates)

All greenhouses have micro climates or air pockets where the greenhouse temperatures are above or below the temperature that the thermostat is set to.

    Micro Climates are usually found around:
  • Vents
  • Doorways
  • Spots with less light
Some plants may like these areas more than others (if you are keeping different plant species in one greenhouse). So locating them is a great thing to do, and placing plants throughout the greenhouse where they will be the happiest is a great way to use this information.

Lighting in certain areas plays a big role in temperature, and conditions.

Using a Greenhouse Thermometer to find Micro Climates:

A way to find these hot and cold spots is to use a thermometer. A Greenhouse Thermometer can be placed in different areas throughout the greenhouse to keep track of the different temperatures.

Usually micro climates do not change locations, they are usually found in the same spot they were found. Again, these can be used to an advantage as well, not every plant likes the same temperature.

When a micro climate is found it can either be used for a certain plant, or changes can be made to the direction, or addition, of fans, and will help to improve great greenhouse air circulation.

Help the flow of air:

These temperature pockets, or micro climates, are a good reason for having good air flow.

Circulating the air will circulate the heat. These are a couple things that greatly help the flow of air:

    Greenhouse Air Circulation:
  • Fans
  • Ventilation

When things get too hot this is where good greenhouse ventilation comes into play. Trapping the heat may cook your vegetables prematurely.

  • Roll up sides
  • Windows with automatic openers.

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