Greenhouse Plan:

Having a good greenhouse plan is probably the only way to build a greenhouse that you are going to be happy with. There are a lot of different designs and ideas to go with.

There are a number of links below to help you find the type of greenhouse you are going to build.

Some of the plans below include a parts list.

Building your own greenhouse will save you money. The value of a greenhouse is endless.

These free plan links work well as a how to information guide.

Make one as is. Or take a few ideas from each greenhouse plan and come up with a unique concept using materials that you may already have.

Also be sure to check out our Greenhouse Gardening Videos page to see what others have done, along with some interested how to greenhouse videos.

Other how to videos coming soon, join our newsletter to stay in touch.

If Building a greenhouse from plans isn't right for you, maybe you would be a little more interested in a Greenhouse Kit .

When a Frame is chosen you'll need a glazing material to cover it:

Most of these greenhouse frames can be covered using any of theGreenhouse Glazing materials available.

Build your own greenhouse with these free greenhouse construction plans:

Categories -

  • PVC Greenhouse Plans
  • Wood Greenhouse Plans
  • For Fun
  • Lean-to Greenhouse
  • Salvaged Material

PVC Greenhouse Plans:

  1. PVC Hoop House Plans

    - these are some of the best pvc hoop house plans that I have come accross. If you are interested in somenotes that I took about these plans you can visit our not page here.

  2. PVC Hoop House Plans

    - These plans are for a 10' x 21' PVC Hoop House, and includes a parts list.

  3. PVC Hoop House

    - Plans for a plastic covered hoop house. Must send away for the plans by sending a selfaddressed envelope from Washington State University.

  4. PVC Greenhouse

    - How to build a PVC Greenhosue. Detailed construction of a backyard PVC Greenhouse.Complete with a list of materials.

  5. PVC and Wood Frame Plans

    - PVC, Wood Frame and Poly Film plans with material list and illustratedhow to build your own greenhosue guide. This one comes in second place to the first one in thissection. I would have built these ones but opted to go with Galavanized steel hoops.

  6. PVC Greenhouse

    - Pictures of the greenhosue listed in these plans are very similar to the ones illustrated above.

Wood Greenhouse

  1. Wood Greenhouse Plans

    - Top Venting - These plans are well illustrated and broken down to step by step.

  2. Wood Plans - Greenhouse Shed

    - One illustrated sheet in PDF Format (so again you'll need Adobe Reader). Theseblueprints are for a Flat Top Storage/Greenhouse. These are a great design as they are good for solar heat retention as well. The wall dividing the storage space and the greenhouse can be insulated. The only drawback is the flat roof,if you live in an area with snow.

  3. Wood Greenhouse

    - I like these plans. They show the basic steps to building a wood frame greenhouse.I like the double doors - open the top half for ventilation and keep the bottom closed to keep out the critters.

For Fun:

  1. Pop Bottle Greenhouse

    - How to build a greenhouse out of 2 Litre Pop Bottles.

Lean-to Greenhouse Projects:

  1. Lean to Greenhouse Project

    - Here are some pictures of one persons lean-to Greenhouse project.

  2. Lean to Greenhouse Project Pictures

    - Aluminum Greenhouse construction, of a lean to greenhouse.

Salvaged Material

  1. Hay Bale and Salvaged Material Project

    - A strawbale greenhouse. Very resourcefuland it was built for less than $200, made with salvaged materials. Step by Step Pictures are included.

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