Greenhouse Growing - Here are some of the possibilities and a few great resources.

Greenhouse Growing: A greenhouse comes in many different shapes, sizes and designs.

They are one of the most valuable additions to anyone's property. Especially if you are looking to grow food for you and your family.

There is a lot of Information found on this page below, but, we wanted to offer these important links as well:

History of Greenhouses - an Interesting History.

Greenhouse Gardening Information - Two Great Resources

Plant Hardiness Zone - What zone do live in. It's good to know.

Food 4 Wealth - Food4Wealth: We have this system growing in one of our Hoop Houses - to test it. It has been amazing so far.

Four Season Harvest Tables - a list of some of the tables that are available in Eliot Coleman's great resource for Hoop House Gardening.

Greenhouse Gardening Vegetables - Video: if you haven't been to Epcot center and taken a look at the ride yourself - be sure to take a look at the video.

Greenhouse Gardening - links of overall resources.

Greenhouse Vegetables - Why greenhouse vegetables?

Backyard Nursery - here is a resource page for people interested in turning their hobby into a backyard nursery growing business - highly suggest taking a close look at Mike McGroarty's information.

would like to share, or if you have any questions.

As we will show you below, the Food4Wealth Method from Jonathan White, is called food 4 wealth because the food that canbe produced right in your own backyard can save you up to $5000 per year on your grocery bill alone.

Greenhouse Growing allows you to lengthen any growing season, meaning more vegetables or plants for your family or to sell at the market.

If you put into consideration the plants that can be produced and sold or even just shared with family and neighbors (with really no cost to yourself if you use a hoop house and there is no heating costs involved), they are truly a valuable addition.

We began with this information on our Website, but we change it so frequently I wanted to add a page that could be refered tobecause this is the information and videos that really got me and my family hooked on greenhouse gardening.

Contact Us Here if you have any tips or ideas that you would like to share, or if you have any questions.

Greenhouse Growing - Table of Contents:

Here is some of the most popular information on our site:

(Scroll down the page to find Videos and even more information on all of these topics - however, you will find even more info by using our Navigation bar to the left of the screen).

If you are looking into Greenhouse Growing we hop that this information will inspire you to pursue it further.

Greenhouses really do open a whole new world of possibilities.

  1. Epcot Center - Land Pavillion Ride Video

  2. Self Watering Containers / Introduction to Greenhouse Gardening

  3. Top Four Season Vegetable Gardening Resources

  4. Greenhouse Plans and Designs

  5. Greenhouse Kits

  6. Hoop Houses / High Tunnels - The Ultimate in Greenhouse Growing

  7. Dirt or Soil Care

  8. Aquaponics - growing Fish and Plants together

  9. Community Gardening

  10. Ripple Effect - Sustainable Living

  11. Rain Barrels

1. Epcot Center - Land Pavillion Ride Video:

This Video features the Epcot Center Land Pavilion ride in Florida. I wanted to show this video becauseit shows pretty much everything that can be achieved using a Greenhouse.

All of these things can be achieved by Backyard Greenhouse Gardening.

I don't agree with all of it like the GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms), or Scientific Alterations of plants, but that is me. And I think that it just speaks further, as to why we should all grow as much food as we can, in our own Backyards.

The Video is 7 minutes long.

If you would like the "Cliff Notes" version of the topics and plants mentioned in the video you can visit our Land Pavilions Notes page.

Living With The Land could be Greenhouse Growing in Your Own Back Yard:

Grow Your Own

(DIY) Do It Yourself
Greenhouse Kits
Greenhouse Gardening Projects

2. Self Watering Containers and Earthboxes:

Whether you already garden in a greenhouse or you are just looking into it, we highly recommend self watering containers, or Earthboxes.

If you already have a greenhouse they are a great way to grow even more fruits or vegetables, they are portable so you can grow with them outside during the warm summer days, and when the temperatures begin to turn.... just move them into the greenhouse.

Grow vegetables on your patios, decks, or even your condo balcony.

We will be offering a set of Self Watering container plans to all of the people that have signed up to our Newsletter.

Introduction to

Greenhouse Growing E-Book

  • 22 page e-book - when you join our Newsletter
  • Gardening Updates
  • New Innovations and ideas

Sign up to our Newsletter for your Introduction to Greenhouse Gardening E-book

3. Two of the most Beneficial Resourcesfor Growing Fresh Vegetables all Year Long:

Both of these resources are great for anyone who wants to get the most from a vegetable garden yet doesn't want to devote too much time , or energy, to the process.

I believe that they go hand in hand.

Eliot Coleman's book for the Hoop House know how, and Jonathan White's, Food 4 Wealth system, for soil structure and a no nonsense hassle, and weed free, garden.

Jonathan White's - Food 4 Wealth:

After the initial set-up, there is no weeding, digging, some of the vegetables even re-seed themselves. The video explains why and how.

This stuff should be taught in schools as well, in my opinion.

Food 4 Wealth - Four Season Gardening with Video Tutorials.

Eliot Coleman's - Four Season Harvest:

This is a detailed book with Illustrations explaining how everyone can grow their own Vegetables all Year long with the use of a Hoop House or High tunnel Greenhouse.

Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long

4. Greenhouse Plans and Designs:

Here are a few possibilities that you can do to build your own greenhouse. Below the following link is an e-book with a brief review.

There are many Greenhouse Plans and Designs available. If you are the hands on type you can likely make your own with the information and ideas found here:

Greenhouse Plans and Designs - Information Links

Building a Greenhouse Plans by Bill Keene - E-book Review:

We are currently in the process of putting together a full video review of this book. But in short.... it all depends on what you are looking for.

This book holds the basics in regards to Greenhouse Gardening and also includes plans to 4 different Greenhouses that can be built.

We are not discrediting this book in any way, but we are happy to say that a lot of the information that is available in this e-book is and always has been available right here on our site.

We also believe that better quality Greenhouse Plans can be found through the Greenhouse Plans Links here.

Take a Look for Yourself - Bill Keene's Building a Greenhouse Plans

5. Greenhouse Kits:

For anyone that does not have the time or does not want to be bothered with building a greenhouse a pre-built kit with informative assembly plans is a very good way to go.

Here is a link to some of our Greenhouse Kits Information:

Greenhouse Kits

6. Hoop Houses or Hightunnels:

The Ultimate in Greenhouse Growing.

Hands down in my opinion if you are looking to grow vegetables, and produce for your family a Hoop House or High Tunnel is indispensable.

With the right choice of crops planted during the right times throughout the season Vegetables can be grown year round.

If using the Food4Wealth method, once the garden is established there is really no worries about planting and crop rotation.

After all of our research this is our choice in greenhouses. Here is a bit more information if you would like to learn why we came to this conclusion:

Hoop House

Here are some information about a Hoop House or High tunnel, including the pros and cons.

Building a Hoop House

This a step by step illustration of a Hoop House that we built.

Hoop Houses in The News

It's no wonder to me why these Hoop Houses and High Tunnels have been hitting the news.

7. Taking Care of Your Dirt or Soil:

It always comes back to soil. I stumbled onto this documentary one night while I was flipping through the channels on TV.

It's a great documentary. I will be posting a link soon, so that all interested can watch it for free.

Jonathan White's - Food4Wealth will teach you exactly how to build and sustain healthy soil "Dirt" and plants. Set it up once, no weeding - just light easy maintenance. Accompanied by Greenhouse Growing in a Hoop House takes a lot of the worries and maintenance out of vegetable gardening.

I was as excited about Jonathan White's system as I was to learn about Earthboxes and other Self Watering Containers (another weed free method).

Food 4 Wealth Growing System

8. Aquaponics:

Greenhouse Growing your own vegetables and fish at the same time, with an Aquaponics system.

This is a great use of a greenhouse. Many people are starting to set up systems just like these all over the world.

Learn More about Aquaponics Here

9. Community and Urban Gardening:

More Information Coming Soon

10. Ripple Effect Sustainable Living:

More Information Coming Soon

11. Rain Barrels:

Information on Rain Barrels

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